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CoName MoName USB Portable Flash Disk

 USB Portable Flash Disk


The USB Portable Flash Disk provides easy to use, lightweight, and secure removable mass storage device disk. It acts just like floppy disk or removable hard drive. You can stores any types of files on it. You can even run application and play multimedia files off the device. It provides direct random access to your files; you can directly read, write, and erase any files on it. Its small size and fast access make it a suitable replacement for your floppy drive, zip drive, or cd-rw drive. It provides easy way to transport your data from one machine to another. You can even share files with your friends or co-worker.

The USB Portable Flash Disk uses Solid State technology to provide low power, durability, shock resistant and long lasting data retention. Its USB interface provides easy plug and play connectivity to your desktop and notebook computer. Its disk interface follows the USB mass storage standard. This allows insertion of the device into system that has built in mass storage driver without first installing the driver. You only need to install the security driver. This also allows you to boot from the device if your system support it.

The USB Portable Flash Disk uses password security to protect your data from prying eyes. Once you installed the security driver and set the password, the only way you can access the data is by entering the correct password. You can also backup your security key to a file as a precaution. Without knowing the correct password or access to the security key, no one can access your data. This protects your data from being access after being lost or stolen.

1. Features

  • Easy and secure removable data storage for business and personal use.
  • Small and light design for easy portability can be clipped to your shirt pocket.
  • Easy Windows Plug-n-Play.
  • Windows mass storage device class compatible, no need driver for ME, 2000, XP. Only require installation of security driver.
  • Password security option for drive access.
  • Write protect switch to prevent accidental erasure.
  • Full Compliance with the Universal Serial Bus Specification V1.1
  • Bus powered, no need for external power.
  • Low power consumption in active and suspend mode.
  • Support Advanced Power Management functions.
  • Solid State Flash memory with 10 years (typical) data retention
  • Durable, shock resistant, longer life for your data.
  • Capacities available:16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB
  • High performance write up to 800Kbyte/s and read up to 970Kbyte/s.

3. Mechanical

            USB type A plug for plugging into host PC

            Protection Cap for the plug with built-in clip

Insertion endurance: 5000 cycles (Min)

4. Certification

            EMC/EMI: FCC and CE

5. Environment

Operating Temperature: 0°~55°C

Operating Humidity: 10%~90%

            Storage Temperature: -20°C~65°C

Storage Himidity: 10%~90%

6. Power Consumption

            Under 200mA (at 5V)

7. LED Indicator

            On: Plugged into system.

            Blinking: Drive access.

8. Drivers Support

            Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

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