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Acroprint ATR9800 Time Recorder

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Full Function Time and Attendance Software With Access Control and Job Costing

No more paper time cards! ATR9800 time and attendance software electronically collects your employees' time using one or more terminals, calculates time, and outputs to payroll applications and service providers. The system supports fixed, flexible or open shifts, and weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay periods.

ATR9800 at a glance

  • Flexible ? The system supports a variety of shift and pay period options, allowing you to run your business your way. The ATR9800 time and attendance system automatically allocates costs to the appropriate company, division, department or shift.

  • Informative ? With over 70 standard reports, your ATR9800 system will insure you're informed and up-to-date on key time and attendance metrics such as overtime, attendance issues and job costs. You can even program the system to poll terminals and run reports automatically.

  • Secure ? Multiple user options with multiple levels of password protection permit supervisors to access only the information they need.

  • Accurate ? Punch editing at the PC or the clock by authorized personnel allows supervisors to correct errors as they're discovered. The ATR9800 system interfaces with your payroll system, saving time and eliminating errors caused by re-keying information.

  • Scalable ? This versatile software supports an unlimited number of employees and input devices. There's no longer a need to migrate time and attendance systems as your business grows.

  • Convenient ? Offline operation means there's no need to leave your PC on.

Optional features bring added flexibility

  • Job costing: Tracks and reports piece rates, quantity, department, job changes, actual and scheduled versus budgeted.

  • Input validation: Validates job numbers at the terminal.

  • Access control: Controls door access by employee and time of day and day of week.

  • Lockout control: Controls unauthorized overtime.

  • Signal control: Rings bells or horns at specific times and days of the week.

  • Employee Messaging: Sends employee messages to the terminal.

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