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Bostitch Easy Staple Remover, Black (40000)

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Comfortable to handle, the push-style stick staple remover is easier to grip onto and makes staple removing effortless and fun in three easy steps. Simply tuck the metal tongue beneath the staple and push the wand forward While pushing forward, the staple is pulled up and out without tearing the paper Once removed, the staple grabber keeps the staple in place for quick disposal. Perfect for use at work, school, the home office. Especially helpful for removing multiple staples from bulletin boards with previous poster tacking.

  • Just a ""tuck"" and a ""push"" to remove staples
  • Easily removes without tearing paper
  • Staple grabber holds onto removed staples
  • Ergonomic design for more comfortable use versus pinch-style removers
  • Comes in one of three assorted colors: Blue, White, Burgundy (a specific color not guaranteed)

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