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Cassida C800 Ultra Heavy-duty Coin Counter/Off-sorter/Wrapper

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Cassida C800 Ultra Heavy-duty Coin Counter/Off-sorter/Wrapper

Time saving operation
Time is money, and the Cassida C800 makes the most of it. At a blistering speed of up to 2,200 coins per minute, the Cassida C800 will reduce your coin processing time to the minimum. Different denomination coins or tokens of varying size will be quickly off-sorted into a reject tray or bag during the count, producing an accurate total every time.

Durable, heavy-duty design
When it comes to handling coins, the machine needs to be sturdier than the coins. We've designed the Cassida C800's counting and sorting mechanism with 100% extra-durable metal construction to provide you with years of dependable, jam-free service.

Off-sorting made easy
Simply load your mixed coins, and the Cassida C800 will quickly sort and count only the denomination you choose. Counted coins will then be dispensed into the bag, coin wrapper or container of your choice, while other denominations are off-sorted into a bag or reject tray. Plus, its built-in memory feature allows you to store counts for each denomination.

Multi-functional convenience
The Cassida C800 can quickly dispense coins into bags, wrappers or any other container. Whether you are wrapping or bagging, counting or sorting, batching or adding the Cassida C800 is your dependable high-speed coin handling assistant.


Counting speed:Up to 2,200 coins/min
Hopper capacity:7,000 coins (dimes)
Off-sorting function:Standard (counts one denomination and sorts out all others)
Wrapping function:Standard (needs optional coin wrapping attachment and tubes)
Operating modes:Counting, adding and batching modes
Countable coins:All US and Canadian coins
Countable tokens:All US and Canadian tokens
Coin diameter range:0.55" - 1.34" (14 - 35mm)
Coin thickness range:0.004" - 0.15" (1.0 - 3.7mm)
Batching range:Preset or 0 - 9999
Memory:9 separate memories available
Weight:30 lb. (13.6 Kg)
Dimensions:10.5"H x 10.63"W x 14.25"D
Power source:110VAC, 60Hz or 220VAC, 50Hz
Options:Coin wrapping attachment, Coin wrapping tubes, Remote display

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