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Cable Wrapz 16pk. Assorted Sizes

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Cable wrapz can be used anywhere

Cable wrapz can be used anywhere!!!!!


· Computer cables

· Office/school supplies

· Hardware/home improvement

· Housewares

· Electronics

· Lawn and garden

· Automotive

· Garage and workshop

· Camping equipment

· Sporting goods

· holiday lights



  • 4"X 3/8"

  • 10" X 5/8"

  • 5"x 5/8"

  • 7"X 5/8"

    The new durable one-piece head fastener and the ability to use them on any surface makes Cable Wrapzä superior to other binding products. Available in 6 sizes from 3 1'2" to 10" lengths, they are ready to organize everything from computer and appliance cords to your garden hose and jumper cables. SIMPLE TO USE Press the Cable Wrapzä against the item to be bundled with your thumb on the band just below the plastic fastener to hold it in place. With your other hand, pull the band end of the Cable Wrapz around the item and loops the band over the plastic fastener to secure it. STAYS SECURE The flexible rubber band binding conforms to the shape of the object. The fastener's one-piece head locks the band in place securing the bundle and preventing the Cable Wrapz form pulling free when bundle is moved. USE ON ANY SURFACE Unlike hook and loop fasteners, the smooth band surface will not snare fabrics or carpets making Cable Wrapz ideal for fishing and camping gear ORGANIZED BY COLOR Cable Wrapz are color coded by size making it easy to recognize items by color. Cable Wrapz are UV ozone & Chemical resistant for long lasting outdoor use.

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