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CANADIAN COIN-Digital Speed Coin/Counter/Sorter-MANUAL-PORTABLE-CORDLESS/600 Per Min. GB825

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GB820 CANADA Coin counter is inexpensive, highly effective way of counting and sorting mixed coins.
They accurately count and sort coin denominations and capture the coins in either coin drawers .
The design is more special and scientific, It is extremely compact and fully portable and mainly designed for bank,
 bus company, shop , temple and so on.



To accurately count and sort all the coins mixed at one time, and to sort the different denominations into different boxes.

  • Count and sum the total value of all denomination or each denomination 
  • Count and sum the quantity of all denomination and each denomination
  • 6-digits display shows
  • Value of all denomination
  • Value of each denomination
  • Number of coins of all denomination
  • Number of coins of each denomination
  • Pause automatically in case of the drawer filled with coins
  • Elegant and portable design suits convenient movement


Product name CANADA Coin Counter
Specification GB820 / GB825 / GB820A
Coin suitable


Hopper 500¡«800 Mixed Coins
Counting speed 300¡«600/min
Diameter of coin 15mm¡«28mm
Thickness of coin 1.3mm¡«2.5mm
Digital display 6 digit
Power source DC 12V£¨AC/DC ADAPTOR£© DC 9V £¨6¡ÁAA£©
Dimension GB820/GB825 255(D)¡Á238(W)¡Á160(H)mm
GB820A 500(D)¡Á400(W)¡Á365(H)mm
Weight GB820 2.5kg / GB825 2.2kg / GB820A 4.2kg
Measure of carton 350(D)¡Á330(W)¡Á195(H)mm
Weight GB820 4.2kg /GB825 3.9kg / GB820A 6.5kg


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