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Canon P1212DH 2-Color Printing Calculator

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The P1212-DH Desktop Printing calculator combines powerful performance with quiet, two-color printing capability to meet your business needs. This 12-digit, non-impact printing calculator delivers crisp professional printouts at speeds of 3.6 lines per second. Negative numbers are printed in red and positive numbers in black for easy identification and tally confirmation.

  • 12-digit capability with bright fluorescent display makes numbers as large as 123,456,789,012 easy to read.
  • Two-color non-impact printing for quiet performance. Negative numbers print in red, positive numbers print in black for fast and easy identification. Print ON/OFF mode conserves ink when hardcopy printouts are not required.
  • Large, contoured keys with clear, distinct characters for speed and comfort.
  • Item Count function totals the number of times the "+" and "-" keys have been pressed.
  • Rounding function allows users to automatically round up/off/down the results of multiplication or division problems to a preset number of digits.
  • Grand Total switch is used to accumulate results using a single independent memory.
  • Mark-up/down function determines a selling price from cost and profit margin.
  • Non-add and Subtotal modes print out figures which do not affect a calculation such as dates, serial numbers and intermediate results.
  • Types of Calculations:
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
    • Chain multiplication and division
    • Constant multiplication, division and percentage calculations
    • Percentage add-on and discount calculations
    • Mark-up/down calculations
    • Raising to a power
    • Add-mode calculations
    • Memory calculations
    • Mixed calculations

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