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Cassida 3300 CAD Automatic Counterfeit Detector

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Cassida 3300 CAD Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Ultimate Protection for Your Cash

The Cassida 3300 is a fully automatic counterfeit detector that adds a sophisticated layer of protection to your cash operations. Currency counters with UV detection capability check only for UV security features, which have been counterfeited. The Cassida 3300 CAD checks for infrared security marks. These marks are the most advanced security feature of Canadian bills, and are not known to have been counterfeited. This IR detection, combined with the 3300's optical image analysis and magnetic ink and metal detection, create a formidable barrier to fraud. Compatible with all Canadian paper notes and $20, $50, and $100 polymer bills, the Cassida 3300 is built with the most reliable detection technology available in the industry and can detect even the most sophisticated counterfeits And because of Cassida's work with Canada's central financial institution, an upgrade service will be available to ensure full compatibility with the new $5 and $10 notes, expected to be released in 2013 (upgrade available one month prior to the release of the new bills).


The Cassida 3300 is a fully automatic detector that does not require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. The bill is fed in automatically, and operator is instantly alerted in case of a counterfeit bill. All this in less than a second. The LCD screen displays authenticated denomination totals and a grand total.

Ultra compact design

In addition to having the most compact design in the industry, the Cassida 3300 lets operator choose whether authenticated bills are ejected to the front or rear of the machine, which reduces its operating footprint to just a few square inches

Multi-currency capability

If requested at the time of order, the Cassida 3300 CAD can be configured to also verify US dollars, Euros, British pounds and Japanese yen. The currency type is easily selected from the front panel of the 3300.

Technical Specifications:

Verification typesInfrared security marks
Magnetic ink
Color spectrum analysis
Verification speedLess than 1 second/bill
FeaturesTotals by denomination Grand total
Display typeHigh resolution LCD
Weight0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
Dimensions122mm W x 127mm D x 68mm H (4.8'' x 5.0'' x 2.7'')
Power source110/220 VAC

Note: Available from 15th of December

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