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Command Communications ELI5500 Automatic Fax/Tel/Modem Switch

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  • Three-port switch for dedicated single line office applications. Hook up phone, answering machine, and either a fax or modem. Distinctive ring detection if/when you add a second or third line with distinctive ring patterns. Caller ID compatible. Remote message notification.
  • Automatic line sharing - Lets up to 3 devices - usually a telephone, answering machine, fax OR modem - share a single phone line.
  • Distinctive ring mode for simple line sharing - When you add a second or third phone number to your single line, the ELI5500 works smoothly with Distinctive Ring service offered by most local phone companies (different companies have various names for this service; check with your phone company for details). In short, the ELI5500 is able to recognize specific ring patterns assigned to your different phone numbers and route calls to the right device.

  • Choose "Automatic" or "Semi-Automatic" mode - The ELI5500 immediately answers every call in the "Automatic" mode. If you prefer to have all your extension phones ring normally, the "Semi-Automatic" mode is also selectable. The choice is yours.
  • Yes, you can use phone company Voice Mail and Caller ID - We've made it possible for the ELI5500 to work with Voice Messaging from the phone company (requires Distinctive Ring service activation). The system is also compatible with Caller ID service (requires service activation).


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