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Dahle 554 28 Inch Rotary Trimmer

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Wherever a CLEAN ACCURATE cut is required, the first choice has to be a 'safety first' rotary trimmer. That's why you'll see them in drawing offices, graphic design and photographic studios. When in use the rotating upper blade sharpens itself against the fixed lower blade, whilst operator safety is ensured by the plastic housing.
These are the professionals' tools for a accurate cut. Absolutely essential for advertising agencies, graphic designers and photographic studios.
  • Ground rotating upper blade
  • Ground lower blade
  • 'Safety first' as the upper blade is enclosed in a plastic housing
  • Automatic clamping action on the cutting line
  • See-through clamp
  • Scale bar marked out in cm and inches
  • Adjustable back-stop
  • Table pre-printed with cm grid, cm ruler and DIN sizes
  • Can be wall mounted


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