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Monroe Ultimate Desktop 12 Digits Print/Display Calculator

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Monroe Ultimate Desktop 12 Digits Print/Display Calculator

The ultimate is just that, the ultimate Monroe calculator.

Monroe?s experience, clearly evident in every detail of design and function.

The velvet touch of IKT (individual keyswitch technology) immediately responds to your touch. A huge green flourescent display pampers your eyes. The enclosed paper roll protects your investment, while spare supplies storage compartments enhance your productivity. Editing capability and trademark functions make this the ultimate, dare we say, adding machine.

Key Features:

TypeHeavy Duty Desktop Print/Display Calculator
Capacity12 Digit Print/Display, 24 Digit Calculating
Print Speed5.0 Lines Per Second
Inking SystemBlack/Red Ribbon Cartridge or Black/Red Spool Ribbon
DisplayLarge, easy to read green fluorescent
KeyboardIKT (Individual Keyswitch Technology)
Decimal Settings +, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
RoundingTruncate, 5/4 Roundoff, Round Up
Memory (s) (2) 4 Key Independent Memories
Percent Percent with %+ and %- capability
TaxTax with tax+ and tax- capability
Grand TotalGroup and Grand Total
Two Column AdditionAdd two columns simultaneously then combine totals
Item CountIntelligent Item Count, Automatic Averaging
Back SpaceEntry error correction through Back Space Key
Date/TimeTime/Date Stamp and/or Reference # printing
Time Clock In the time position, add/subtract or calculate in hours/minutes Editing Full editing capability, including replace, insert and reprint Finance Compute Present Value, Future Value, Interest Rate, Term, Payment and Amortize Time Card Calculate hours and minutes worked, compute days between dates, future and past dates
Currency ConversionConvert 5 currencies including Home currency
TaxStore up to 5 tax rates. Compute add-on, discount or VAT
ProfitCalculate Cost, Sell or Margin, 1/x (reciprocal) and % change
Memory IISecond fully independent four key memory and Reverse
CrossfootingSum columns and rows automatically, compute proration, percent distribution, averaging, more

Design - Exclusive to Monroe:

  • Eye Popping Display
    A new display 30 to 50% larger than most. It is our largest in vivid ?eye ease? green fluorescent.
  • IKT Keyboard
    IKT (Individual Keyswitch Technology). The most responsive keyswitch technology employed on any calculator. Truly fit for the fastest operators.
  • Enclosed Paper Roll - Spare Storage Areas
    The paper roll is enclosed to prevent premature printer failure commonly caused by dust and dirt adhering to external paper rolls. A storage area for that extra roll of paper, ribbon cartridge or twin spool ribbon is the ultimate in convenience.
  • Adding Machine and GT Register Indicator LampsThe most common function performed on any calculator is addition and subtraction. Monroe is the only company providing an indicator lamp for the adding machine and Grand Total register. This lamp lights when there?s an amount in the adding machine or GT register. Eliminates the need to press total or clear before adding.

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