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Price Labeler Motex Mx-5500 Pricing Labeler Gun

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Price Labeler Motex Mx-5500 Pricing Labeler Gun

Special Features:

  • One-touch open system
  • Accurate printing with updated letter-head
  • All kinds of layouts are available
  • Labelers are crafted to meet customers' requirements for quality, durability, easy operation, design and printing position
  • Percentage (%) indication showing ratio of weighed object against standard value
  • The gun comes in assorted colors
  • Only the gun is included, Label Rolls and Ink Rolls are optional add-ons


  • Label Gun Size: 22mm x 12mm
  • Label Rolls per Pack: 10 Rolls
  • Label Rolls are 10-pack (1000 labels ea)
  • Labels per Pack: 10000 Labels
  • Label Rolls are an optional add-on
  • Ink Rolls are an optional add-on

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