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olympia traveller c portable /cordless typewriter new

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Brand new Olympia typewriter
***this is a limited edition sale --once these 50 in stock are sold
they are gone forever!!!
* Ribbons and parts are still manufactured
This small typewriter is ideal for anybody" on the move"
Lightweight and easy-to-carry, it is always at hand when you most need it.  Perfect for use indoors or outdoors, this neat, compact machine is simple to operate --- even the most inexperienced user will find it a pleasure to use for those little typing jobs.

Despite its delicate looks, the Traveller C is sturdy and robust, and offers a number of useful features to make your typing even simpler.  Margins, line spacing and touch adjuster control can be adjusted as required.  Using the ribbon switch lever, you can set the two color ribbon to black or red, or you can even produce a stencil.

Traveller C from Olympia -- the handy portable typewriter.

This machine had a high impact plastic top with a handle (not seen here)

Number  of keys: 44
Typing width Maximum; 8.25"
Paper width Maximum: 9.25"
Carriage lock
Paper release
Carriage release
Two-tone ribbon
Easy 3-step ribbon installation
Touch adjuster control


Weight:      8.8 lbs.
Width:        12.4"
Depth:        14.25"
Height:       3.95"


Punctuation mark
Reverse index
User friendly acoustics
Express - no imprint
Line control
Left and right margin setter
Margin zone and margin release
Tabulator matrix
Undo type lever
Line return
Linespacing: 1, 1.5, 2


Olympia Traveller C


Typing Carriage Typing Lever
Number of Keys 44
Typing Width Max. 222 mm.
Paper Width Max. 240mm.
Carriage Lock yes
Paper release yes
Carriage Release yes
Ribbon Two-tone
Ribbon Installer Three-step
Impression Control Individual
Colour Beige
Punctuation Mark yes
Reverse Index yes
User Friendly Acoustics yes
Express - No imprint yes
Upper Casing Shift Key
Correction N/A
No Imprint yes
Lines With Line Lever
Left / Right Margins Margin Setter
Margin Zone yes
Margin Release yes
Backspace yes
Tabular Matrix yes
Undo Type Levers yes
Line Return yes
Line Spacers 1 yes
Line Spacers 1.5 yes
Line Spacers 2 yes
Dimensions 315 X 100 X 362
Weight (kg) 4

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