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Ribao jm-80 bill countgrade currencey/bill counter NEW

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JM-80 is a most advanced and reliable front load piece counter with value count feature. Just pre-sort your bills, and select your denomination before you count, the machine will give you both piece number of the bills and will also give you dollar value of your counting. At the end of counting, it will display the total value of your count and number of pieces and value of each denomination. This machine has a large blue LCD, with 4 counting speed, easy access on voltage switch. This machine has a built- in dust collector, and also comes with a dust cover, to ensure the smooth use of a long time.
Special Features:  
  • Large blue backlight LCD screen
  • Automatic start/manual counting
  • Auto/manual adding
  • Intelligent disposal for detecting half notes, double notes, chain notes and notes of different sizes / denomination
  • Detection of counterfeit notes through UV (ultraviolet, fluorescence), MG (magnetic) IR detection, each detection we offer 8 or 16 sensitivity degrees for adjustment.
  • Money chip installed for the restoration of last setting after turning off the machine.
    Technical Specification:  
    Feed Method: Friction roller  
    Counting Speed: 1500-1200-900-600bills/minute  
    Countable Paper Size: Width*LengthF50mm*90mm-110mm*185mm  
    Preset Batch Number: 100-50-20-10 in turn, and the number can be increased digits by digits  
    Hopper Capacity : Approx.300 bills  
    Stacker Capacity: Approx.200 bills  
    External Interface: Available as option  
    Power Source: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz  
    Power Consumption: 40W  
    Net Weight: 13.2lbs  
    Dimensions: 280mm*245mm*230mm  
    Gross Weight: 17 lbs

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