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RTC-1000 2.5™ Universal Time Clock

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Employees stay informed and can see the number of hours they have worked for that day, or for the week at the clock. Supervisors can easily access the time clock data anytime as well to edit, monitor employee hours and generate reports.

Access your RTC-1000 from your computer, over the network, or even remotely over the Internet from any smart phone or tablet device.

  • Employees easily clock IN with a unique (3-9 digit) ID number or with a badge at the time clock.
  • Software built into the time clock allows the recording and calculating of employee punches, even when the time clock connection to the PC, server or Internet is lost.
  • Automatically tracks and calculates timecards for up to 50 employees. Employee capacity easily expandable to accommodate up to 250 employees
  • Supports popular pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Supports two levels of overtime daily, weekly, consecutive day (California Overtime)
  • Track employee paid breaks, lunch deductions, holiday and non-work hours. Sort and track employee hours worked by up to 32 departments
  • Multi-PC ready to support multi-supervisor login. Customized permission level settings to assign employees by supervisor and more…
  • Custom Alerts feature allows you to proactively monitor and control unauthorized overtime and attendance
  • Streamline your payroll with complimentary payroll exports such as: Advanced QuickBooks Plugin, Paychex Online Payroll Export, ADP, CSV, and API to create custom payroll exports

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